Hi, we are Hila and Kristina and we are pleased to have you here. We are architects, graduates of Tel Aviv University and the Technion [B.Arch], with 35 years of shared seniority and extensive experience in private and commercial building.
We invite you to embark with us on a joint journey, in which we will guide you through the world of construction. On the way, we will turn words and desires, budget and space, into functional spaces with depth and meaning.

We established our joint office four years ago following a fruitful collaboration, that made us realize that 1+1>2. The combination of many years of experience, a unique vision, and the dialogue between us, produces exceptional outcomes.
Our visionary design and personal attention are evident in every step of the process and in every type of project. We have experience in large scale and small-scale projects, from high-rise buildings to detailed design of personal spaces. We design residential buildings, luxury homes, kindergartens, offices, and event halls.
Most of our projects also include interior design to the last detail, allowing for synergy between interior and exterior and for a perfect fit to the character of the project and the client.
Each customer is special, as are our projects. We place maximum emphasis on creative solutions, adapting to our clients' style and taste, and providing optimal functional solutions.
We will be happy to cooperate with you and help you fulfill your dreams.